Friday, October 12, 2007
DonorsChoose Update, Or, Everyone is Awesome.
And I'm going to give one of you a gift! (Keep reading.) Challenge Page

Three of our four initial projects? Completely funded. Two additional projects? ALSO completely funded.

$1600 raised in a week, blasting through our original $1500 goal. 78 students impacted (although it will actually be more, as almost all of these projects will benefit future students as well).

I am delighted and awed.

So, what now? We have raised the challenge goal to $2000. We have added some projects to give you more choices for donations. And we are asking, everywhere, for people to give this challenge some publicity.

Speaking of publicity, I'd like to highlight two of our projects.

One of the original projects, Money Management 101: Philanthropists in Training, is not only designed to teach 3rd through 5th graders about spending and saving, but also to encourage them to use their class account money for charitable donations. It's partially funded, but needs $513 to be completed. I would really like to see this one get funded.

A new project, Funny Money Auction Math, will teach children about interest rates and taxes on personal accounts, and allow them to bid on interesting items at classroom auctions. This project is halfway funded, but still needs $336 for completion, and is ending in five days. This would be another great project to push through.

So I'm sweetening the pot. Anyone who contributes to our challenge (including those who have already donated), and emails me proof of their contribution, such as a DonorsChoose email receipt, will be entered in a raffle. I'll number all emails in order of submission, and use to pick the winner. The prize is a $10 Starbucks gift card, which I will mail to any address in the continental United States. The minimum donation is $10, so if you give the minimum and win the raffle, it's basically a free donation! As of right now, there are 11 donors, so your odds are pretty good.

(My email is in this image link: )

Here are some additional questions I've seen floating around:

Q. Can I donate anonymously? A. Yes. Select that option when you register to donate. I believe anonymous donations still get a receipt, but if you do not and still wish to enter the raffle, email me and I will see about finding acceptable "proof of donation."

Q. What if I don't like credit cards? A. You can try using a debit card, if that's what you prefer. Or you can send a check, and write the project ID on the memo line. This won't count toward our challenge, but I'll still accept proof of donation for the raffle if it goes to one of our projects.

Q. How long does the challenge run? A. Until October 31. The end is not far away!

Again, you people are amazing, and I'm honored to have shared this experience with you.


Blogger Green Panda said...

Great Idea and keep up the good work.

Blogger HC said...

Thanks, GP!

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