Wednesday, August 01, 2007
End of July-Net Worth

I've decided to standardize my reporting to the last day of the month, since I only have one loan reporting on the first now. (And since I made an extra payment this month, I'm showing progress.)

Cash and Cash Equivalent

Having three paychecks come through buoyed my long term savings accounts nicely (even though I made a smaller "extra" contribution to my condo downpayment fund). My overdraft account took a slight dip because I used some of it to cover my car repairs, but it's still above my $500 target for now.


The correction I'd been expecting finally hit, so my contributions were pretty much the only source of forward momentum for my retirement account. I'm not sure why my brokerage account is doing better than last month, but I'm not complaining.

Loan Balances

This was a GREAT month for paying off student loan debt. As I mentioned, my PLUS-style loan has been PAID OFF. I also sent an extra contribution to my Perkins loan, although it was smaller than I would have liked. My progress will obviously not be as fast in future months, but it's really nice to see my balances come down.

Other Debt

I managed to pay off ALL my outstanding balances for July (including that $800 for car repairs). The current balance partly reflects medical expenses that will be reimbursed.

The Month Ahead

I was (mostly pleasantly) surprised to receive a wedding invitation. For complicated personal reasons, not attending isn't an option. Fortunately I'll only have to cover the plane ticket and a new outfit, as gift and housing are both covered by my dad. I do have other going out expenses, but I will try to keep them restrained in anticipation. This may require backing still more money out of the overdraft fund, but it won't be a disaster.



Blogger SavingDiva said...

You're so responsible to turn down a wedding invitation because you can't afford it. I (unfortunately) have to attend way too many weddings, and it's really hurting my budget.

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