Monday, June 04, 2007
May/June net worth

This was one of my strongest improvements in months, albeit largely due to market gains.

Personal Items

I lowered my valuation on both my computer and my car. I keep my car's valuation at $100 below the KBB fair private party value.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

I've had to hold a few more dollars in my overdraft fund because my rent went up for June, and I'd rather allocate from savings than simply boost my net checking deposits.

Otherwise, I continue to contribute normally to my online accounts. I'm closing on some nice round number targets for each of those.


I do not believe this party will keep going, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Loan Balances

I can taste the PLUS-style loan being paid off. Taste it.

Other Debt

I had a month in which some big annual payments came due, as well as some medical expenses on which I await reimbursement. Despite that, I still managed to pay my outstanding balances and rein in the entertainment spending a bit.

The Month Ahead

I have a number of gifts to send out (graduating cousins, father, friend's wedding) and will deal with my higher rent and car insurance premium. I'm looking forward to July, when the squeeze will ease.



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