Wednesday, April 25, 2007
I've reached a milestone of sorts.
I have accrued the equivalent of 23 days of leave, when one combines my annual and sick leave accounts. This basically means that if something were to happen to me, I would have a month of income before having to tap into my emergency fund. (I would have done this much sooner but I needed three weeks of leave for family care last year.)

As much I would like to have proper disability insurance, my employer doesn't offer group plans, and all the individual quotes I've received are simply too much for my budget right now. When I've paid off some more of my loans, that will be a priority.

But for now, it means that I can use any additional annual leave hours as they were intended: for vacation. Since I can only accrue the equivalent of 30 days of annual leave before I hit the "use-or-lose" threshold, it makes no sense to hoard them. (I can accrue sick leave indefinitely.)

I'm starting by using an upcoming Federal Holiday to springboard a five-day weekend. Which includes my birthday. I'll be practicing my Lorelai Gilmore impression.

How do you handle paid leave at work?



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