Wednesday, May 02, 2007
April/May Net Worth

Personal Items

Unchanged. As these are a steadily decreasing portion of my assets, I'm spending less and less time tinkering with them. When I get to a net worth of zero, I'll probably be more careful with their valuation.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

Pretty much all my checking is allocated already, but it's nice to have the funds in hand before being paid next week.

I swept some of my overdraft savings to my "true" emergency fund this week, since I'm over my $500 threshold. I really like the same-day credit at E*Trade.


Whoosh, DJIA. Whoosh, funds.

Loan Balances

As always, I keep making my scheduled payments on these loans. My PLUS-style loan will be paid off in a few months, which is very exciting.

Other Debt

I know that looks REALLY bad, but I have the funds in checking to pay my outstanding balances for the month, and am being reimbursed for a purchase I made on my dad's behalf. The "new balance" isn't out of line either. Still, I didn't really need that $40 dinner the other week. (But mmm, crab fritters and pomegranate martinis.)

The Month Ahead

I will be holing up for work projects, which means less time for fun and therefore less spending. I think. We shall see.

On a side note, I know this makes me terribly lazy, but Trader Joe's frozen jasmine rice makes me so much more likely to do rice dishes than the 40-minute version.

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