Thursday, June 14, 2007
Pound foolish.
While I've managed to accumulate a few purses over the years, my usual modus operandi is to carry one bag all through the fall/winter, then switch to a lighter bag in the spring/summer. Since my beloved straw-and-bamboo purse gave up the ghost last summer (after three years' hard service), I needed to purchase a new bag earlier this year.

As I've mentioned, I tend not to buy much in the way of clothes and accessories, so when I bought things for my Florida trip in March, I did try to cut a few corners. And that included a relatively inexpensive bag. The larger one would have been $15 more, but I put it back.

However, the small bag I chose, while apparently the same size as my straw purse, was constructed with less depth. So my wallet, cellphone, sunglasses, and ID lanyard pretty much filled it to the brim. On a normal day, this wasn't such a problem.

But after I tried to add the book I'd bought for my cousin's graduation present (On My Own Two Feet, per Wanda's review), it was too crowded. So I tried to carry it by hand. And between slugging my purse, my umbrella, my lunch bag, and the book through public transportation, well...I found myself at the office with no book. I still sent the check I'd originally planned to send, but the lack of book sent $14 down the drain.

Next time, I'm just buying the bigger purse!

Also, while I don't think this particular story is that inspiring, the good people at Credit Card Lowdown think some of my posts are (along with those of 99 others). Thanks for the compliment!

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