Wednesday, July 04, 2007
June/July Net Worth.

Happy Independence Day to all those who celebrate!

Personal Items

KBB said that my car's value actually went UP. I keep my car's valuation at $100 below the KBB fair private party value.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

I swept some money from my overdraft account to my emergency fund again this past month. Otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual.


As I said last month, I think the period of big market gains is pretty much at an end. But my contributions are keeping me moving ahead overall.

Loan Balances

Because of the calendar, my two loans that normally get paid on the first didn't go through. Otherwise, contributions went through normally.

Other Debt

I was very lazy this past month, and didn't submit my receipts for my medical spending on time. My reimbursement will be applied to my next statement. I've since paid off my statement balances, which will hopefully be reflected next month.

The Month Ahead

I'm having a decluttering sale tomorrow and Friday, so hopefully that will bring some cash into my pocket. I've spent enough time with my friend Craig to pique someone's interest, I think.

I need to take my car in to inspect the suspension. I technically have an extra paycheck this month, but it could easily be sucked up by paying for that. I should, however, be able to pay for my trip to Philly entirely out of my vacation fund (and the money I already spent to buy my E-Z Pass), so there should be SOME room for fun.



Anonymous Dennis said...

any idea why your car jumped in value?

Blogger HC said...


No clue. If I had to guess, it would be that KBB assumed that 11XXXX miles in one month would be close to 12XXXX miles in the next, and I don't add nearly that much mileage to my car.

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