Thursday, June 28, 2007
Fun and frugality and fuming, oh my!
So, last week involved a fair amount of spending, but 'twas worth it.

* I saw the delightful Hot Fuzz at the second-run movie theater, and was able to use my free pass. Of course, I then completely undercut the advantage by getting an ice cream sundae along with my meal. I think all the Cornetto in the movie worked its magic on me. (As did Simon Pegg, but that's neither here nor there. Heh.)

* I then joined everyone for the fabulous DC Blogger meetup on Thursday. (Guess the geographic cat is out of the bag.) We shared some appetizers, and bought some Krispy Kremes, and then Nick bought everyone fresh hot doughnuts. Nick is a superhero. I was delighted to meet everyone, especially mapgirl, who is practically my neighbor (and therefore drove me home). Hopefully we'll all do this again!

* I finally broke down and bought an EZ-Pass. Since it's easiest to use a major toll road to visit my aunt, I'm going to make use of it. And I'm hoping it will save me money in the long run, since I won't be getting cash out for tolls and then frittering the rest.

* I spent much of the weekend with my visiting grandparents; they covered a lot of expenses. I did buy some very necessary bottled waters after walking around Mount Vernon.

* Oh, yes, and I bought shoes. I really needed new black loafers (as in "my heel is completely worn down and the instep has broken seams so it's not even worth trying to resole them"). I am pleased with my new pair; they broke in after a few days.

This week has been sharply truncated. I've limited my spending to groceries, gas, a car inspection, and a donation in the memory of a coworker's father. I'm actually on track to bring in my lunch every day this week (sing now, in praise of the rice bowl, delivered warm and steaming from that trader known as Joe).

And I'd be really excited about next week, because my extra paycheck is coming in. However, I think vast amounts of it could evaporate, because my car's suspension (despite passing the inspection) is not pleasing me, and has not done so for months. If I have to replace my struts, there goes much of my fun money. So I'm trying to cut back.

And into the midst of this, my friend emailed me about our trip to Philly next month (for which I've been saving for awhile). She suggested a few exhibits, which sounded interesting. But I looked up the King Tut show and discovered that the basic timed ticket is $37 with service charges. For an exhibit I might visit for an hour. In summer crowds, no less (I'm still a bit of an introvert, so that's like running a marathon).

So I wrote back and said I'd rather not pay that much if we were going to visit another museum as well, and that I'd prefer to try and get the late afternoon ticket, which rolls in an IMAX ticket for $25. I'm now dealing with the email silent treatment. Feh.

I know this is a rare exhibition, but I'm spoiled enough by the Smithsonian that I don't think spending more than $25 on any one exhibit is worthwhile. Would you do it?

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Blogger mapgirl said...

I went to the King Tut show in February. I liked it a lot, but it's a smallish exhibit. But you do get into the rest of the Franklin Institute for free and that's a really fun place to go. I say do it!

Blogger HC said...

Oh, I dig the Franklin. I've been there before.

It's more of a time constraint question; we're going up on Friday, back on Sunday, and there is supposed to be hanging-out time with the friends we are visiting.

If we had a day to spend just there? I'd go early and enjoy the rest of the museum. But in a weekend that would include another museum, dining out, and possibly karaoke, I'm not sure I'll get enough time there to make it worth it.

We'll see.

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