Monday, October 01, 2007
September Net Worth

This was a GREAT month for me.

Personal Items

KBB said the value of my car went up again, but I was suspicious, and left it alone.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

I miscounted my obligations at the end of the month, and had to use my overdraft account to cover one bill. From now on, I'll hopefully be pushing that back up to the $500 mark. I also chose to hold some more money in my checking account because my credit card payment is later than usual, so the improvement looks better than it "should".

On the objectively bright side, I am very close to another nice round number target on my online savings, and am still on track to get my e-fund to a full two months of expenses by the end of the year.


For me, as for many people, this was a great September for investments. My brokerage account (which I basically just let sit) has moved into a new digit category, which is nice.

Loan Balances

Slow and steady wins the race. Or so I tell myself.

Other Debt

I paid a laziness tax to get my hair done for the wedding. (I needed the haircut, and would have had to buy a curling iron, but that still leaves about $35 because I am a style-lacking nincompoop who can't properly curl her hair without aid.) Still, I wanted to look nice for the pictures, and I think it was worth it.

I also discovered that submitting flex spending claims for less than $15 (or possibly $20) leaves my reimbursement as "pending" until I submit further claims. Huh.

Still, by and large the increase is due to getting Avenue Q tickets. I'm going to be able to pay everything off by the statement due date (as I invariably do), but I'm trying to have a quieter October.

The Month Ahead

Apple-picking is on the agenda, and possibly the really spooky "haunted forest" across the river. But other than that, I only plan on paying for a pair of desperately needed jeans (I love my old pairs, but they fall apart in the wash too easily, so I'm trying a new brand), and some birthday flower deliveries (I have coupons for all of that). I did spend $4 at the library book sale this weekend, so I have two new-to-me books to read on my own time. (I check out MANY library books, but it's nice not to have to worry about a forcible recall because a title is on hold.)

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