Thursday, September 06, 2007
August Net Worth

So, I've been elsewhere, trying to soak up the last of my summer.

Personal Items

I knew I'd eventually have to revalue my car and computer. Did both.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

I bought a plane ticket. I took most of it out of my checking, but a portion had to come out of the overdraft fund as well.


After the month we've had, moving my retirement forward and mainly holding steady on my brokerage account is A-OK with me.

Loan Balances

Since my PLUS-style loan is paid off, my progress will be slower on these loans, but it's nice to see continued drops.

Other Debt

I paid off my statement in August (including the plane ticket), but then immediately turned around and bought a dress for the wedding (although it was markedly reduced, yay!). I also visited a specialist, with the attending higher copays, and was waiting on reimbursement.

The Month Ahead

It's going to be a squeeze. I decided to throw in and go for the Avenue Q tickets, which I HAVE to buy this weekend (or they'll sell out), and that puts more charges onto my statement before the closing date. Normally, I don't have two major purchases in the same statement, which makes it easier to cashflow (I ALWAYS pay off my balances in full).

But other than the wedding and whatever I end up doing for Christmas, that play is the ONE big outgoing event for the next four months. So I'm just going to grit my teeth and draw back elsewhere. Somehow.



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