Saturday, October 06, 2007
DonorsChoose challenge!
You may have already heard about this elsewhere, but since I initiated the proposal, it's probably about time that I mentioned it.

DonorsChoose is an award-winning organization that connects generous individuals with teachers and students in need. The group is running a challenge this October to get various bloggers and groups to fund several projects across the country.

Thanks to the support of, we are running a challenge to raise $1500 for some projects that deal directly with money management and financial literacy. This could help a LOT of students understand money when they are young and when the lessons can do the most good.

The great news is that, as I type this, we are already 22 percent of the way to our $1500 goal. Any amount that you can spare, even $5 or $10, can help push that thermometer up to 100%.

However, the four projects that we have targeted actually need $2400 to be completely funded. And English Major found a few more projects that we can add to the challenge if we fulfill the original four projects.

I know that sounds like moving the goal posts, but isn't that what pfbloggers are all about? We reach our original goals, and then set up new ones for ourselves.

I would be over the moon if we could raise $1500 for these kids. I would be past the stars if we needed to expand the challenge in response to everyone's generosity.

So, again, please consider donating to the Financial Literacy challenge.



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