Friday, October 19, 2007
DonorsChoose Update #2.
In short, go us.

Since last week, donors have contributed an additional $330. We are now at $1930, only $70 from our goal, and less than $150 away from completing the last partially funded challenge.

First, I would like to thank the people who have publicly highlighted/donated to this project:

(If I've missed anyone, please let me know.)

And please, those of you who donated anonymously, also accept my fervent thanks.

If you have not given to this project, I understand. There are many other worthy organizations out there, and many of them start asking for more donations as we move into the winter holiday season. I would simply like for you to keep this in mind:

Just 10 bucks.

$10 is the minimum donation to all DonorsChoose projects. If seven new donors contributed that $10, we would complete our challenge. If 14 people found that $10, we could finish out Money Management 101, as I would personally contribute the remaining funds to complete the project (and send the remaining few bucks to operations).

We have twelve more days to work on this project before the challenge is over. Obviously, there is need throughout the year, but I think it would be fantastic if we could close the books on some of those goals.

Again, thank all of you for what you've done. And I hope we can push just a little bit more.


Blogger Green Panda said...

It's wonderful that everyone was generous with their time and money. Congrats to the students who benefit from the projects!

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