Friday, October 27, 2006
How often do you spend almost $1500 in a day?
Hopefully, the answer is "not too."

I picked my car back up from the body shop this morning. I paid another $120 over my deductible because some brackets were missing from the bumper after the last repair. (I'm going to call my old insurance company and let them know that the repair shop didn't perform to standards. If you're asking why I'm not calling my current insurance company, please reread the last paragraph of the second link above.) But on the bright side, my car looks FANTASTIC. It's driving well, the headlight is bright, and you'd not know it had been in an accident unless I told you. Money well spent.

Once I got into work, I made my first full payment on my
no-longer-student loan.
Technically, I was given a 90-day grace period to repay it and could have waited until next month, but I didn't want to accrue any more interest. (Last month, I was paying off my old loan, so I made a much smaller partial payment.) I still paid a decent chunk of interest on this first installment, but it was nothing like the frustration of putting an extra $20 towards the $220+ payment and still finding that your principal balance decreased by...$26.

I've taken some lumps, and I'll undoubtedly take some more, but I feel like I'm moving ahead and that's a good way to start the weekend.

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Blogger Kira said...

I only get paid once a month, so that one day when I get paid I spend over $1000. I do get some money from my boyfriend for his half of the rent but I agree it is a little unnerving to see the bank balance drop so rapidly over the next few days!

Good work on the student loan, always good to get a jump on the interest. =)

Blogger GolbGuru said...

$1500 is a lot and I have done it like 6 times in the last 2 years...thanks to my grad school's "instate-tuition" fact payment for the last semester was $2200 ! It hurts like there is no tomorrow.

Back to the accident thing, before you decided to pay it yourself..did you have an idea of how much your premiums would increase had you not done that?

Blogger HC said...

Kira--I have a very hefty rent check go out every month too, but because my leasing office takes a few days to send it it, it doesn't feel like I spent it all at once. It still is a bit unnerving, I agree.

And thanks.

Golbguru--My insurance company has apparently decided to honor my policy rating (which they had just sent out before the accident occurred) so I'm not seeing a big spike in my premiums. I'm expecting an increase in six months, but my car will be worth little enough then that I might change my coverage.

The bigger issue was that the agent told me that a larger payout would have led him to total the car, and the payout check would not have covered anything like the cost of a new-to-me car. My car is still under 115000 miles, so I'd just as soon try to keep driving it for as long as I can.

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