Monday, October 23, 2006
Don't let them tell you that it doesn't hurt.
Or, The Most Redacted Blog Entry Ever.*

This Friday, my father will be flying into [Local Airport], because he will be participating in [Well-Known Competitive Event] in the area. (He'll be staying at my aunt's place, because I have a one-bedroom and my sofa is not a sleeper.)

Since he'll be staying for about a week, I asked if he wanted to attend any events in particular. He mentioned that [Famous Performing Troupe] was setting up a production of one of their shows here.

I agreed to coordinate dates with various family members and take care of ordering the tickets.

Now, despite the fact that I was paying with a credit card, and despite the fact that I know my dad will reimburse me when he gets here...

When I saw the grand total for the ticket prices, I still went "oof."

Buying things on a card still stings.

But I trust that the show will be really, really good.

*I may be paranoid, but at least I won't ever be Dooced.



Blogger Kira said...

I have been to see a few Well Known Performing Troupes and I went "oof" just looking at the charges for Boyfriend and myself. Those things ain't cheap, especially after taxes and Ticketmaster fees. Why they charge you $2.50 to DOWNLOAD AND PRINT your tickets is beyond me. I like having a real ticket anyway.

Blogger GolbGuru said...

Look at the bright side...if buying with a credit card it stings you that much you will probably never misuse it or max it out.
Now, enjoy the show without thinking about the charges. :)

Blogger HC said...

Kira--I didn't have to pay Ticketmaster fees, but there were still random taxes and the stupid e-ticket charge. You're right. Why am I paying to do all the work for them?

golbguru--I plan on enjoying the show to the utmost. And thanks for the silver lining. [grin]

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