Thursday, October 19, 2006
Almost free music. Whee!
My coworker and I have gotten into the habit of discussing music. We both love going to shows, hearing new songs, and reminiscing about familiar favorites. He's been suggesting that I check out Paste Magazine for awhile now, but at around $8 an issue, I couldn't justify it even WITH each included CD sampler.

Well, today he waltzed in and told me that he could offer two bonus subscriptions for about $18 a year each. So I'm getting one for me, and one as a gift for my dad. For me, getting 15-20 track CDs and having access to the download vault should keep me in new music for quite a long time. So hopefully it will help forestall too many CD purchases, and thereby pay for itself.

And it's one more already purchased item on my Christmas list. Hooray for less holiday shopping stress. (I'm not exactly a Buy Nothing Day person, but I do love avoiding crowded malls.)



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