Friday, October 06, 2006
I'd been meaning to get around to this.
The post I'd planned to make today is requiring a bit more digging than I thought it would (some government agencies seriously need to work on search and mapping).

But I saw that NCN was commenting on tons of entries today, and it reminded me that I'd never done my best money saving tip.

Given the focus of the blog, it might reasonably be expected that I'd suggest something about getting scholarships and carefully managing loans. These can certainly make a huge difference in one's financial life.

But to me, a truly good money saving tip should apply to everyone, whether they've gone on to higher education or not.

And so, my very best money saving tip is:



  • You get out of the house and out of the mall. If you're cleaning out a field, doing crafts with small children, or organizing donations in a food bank, you aren't running up the electrical bill with the TV or PC, or buying that new blouse on sale. (Sure, you might spend a bit on gas if you drive to the volunteer site, but on balance, I suspect most people come out ahead.)
  • You often get free stuff. Volunteer organizations like to keep up morale. A free pen, water bottle, or T-shirt goes a long way towards making people feel valued, and it's one less thing you have to buy. This doesn't even begin to cover meals and event tickets, both of which are often offered for big fundraisers.
  • Most importantly, helping others helps you value what you have already. Gratitude goes a long way towards limiting the need to spend on "more things."

And on that note, I'm grateful that it's Friday. Everyone have a good weekend.


I like your money-saving tip about volunteering.
Very thoughtful & good read.

Blogger HC said...


I really appreciate it, since "thoughtful" is a word I'd use to describe your posts.

Anonymous Debt Hater said...

Not only do you not spend money while you're reading to small children, you're thinking about more than just yourself and boosting your contribution to the community. It's something I need to do more of... and yes, the free pens go a long way!

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