Thursday, September 28, 2006
Are medical benefits worth it in auto coverage?
I just received my renewal notice from my auto insurance provider. Despite the fact that I have not filed a claim with this policy since I started it, and the fact that my car is older and presumably cheaper to insure, my rates went up. It was only $7, and that over six months, but I still think the only direction my premiums should go is down.

So I called and got an agent on the line fairly quickly. Apparently they have rerated my entire area and assured me that this would be the case with any other insurer. Again, it's not THAT much money, but who wouldn't want to pay less?

So I started looking over my policy again. I have $5,000 per person in medical benefits included as part of the policy. It would save me $30 or so to drop it. I'd never had it before I signed up with this insurer. Also, I don't drive that much, as my employer gives me public transportation benefits, and when I do, I rarely have passengers. I'm considering dropping it and just counting on my health insurance. (I don't want to switch providers until I've been with this one for another six months, since my student loan refinancing probably dinged my credit score a bit.)

So how do you feel about medical benefit coverage?

Do you include medical benefits on your auto insurance coverage?
I am mocking your binary worldview and answering in the comments.
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