Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Well, it's as close to free as I could get.
A coworker recently won a "free lunch" for herself and several of us. In return, we listened to a generalized spiel from a financial services firm that is trying to get more clients. The planner (a CPA) discussed their "whole life strategy" which included covering savings, tax planning, estate planning, debt management, etc. Nothing that the rep discussed sounded unreasonable or outlandish, but nor was it any more detailed than my average day reading pfblogs.

I still said I'd be interested in meeting with them for a free consultation. I figure it can't hurt to go over my assets and liabilities with a practicing advisor. If I start getting pressured to buy anything, I can walk. (They admitted that they do earn commissions on certain instruments, but since I'd only be looking for an overview, I could keep things on a fee-based level if I decided I wanted to go that route. Again, I really don't expect to do much more than get a checkup and file the card away for later.)



Anonymous LAMoneyGuy said...

I hope by "whole life strategy" they don't mean "whole life insurance." If they do, then walk very briskly.

Blogger HC said...

They didn't even get into whole vs. term, so I assume they meant it as "holistic and multifaceted."

If I do hear such things, however, I'll do exactly that.

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