Thursday, September 14, 2006
A little extra cash.
One of my vaguely defined goals for this year was to "sell/donate more of my stuff." (That said, I could sell a few boxes of things and STILL want a bigger bookshelf. A girl I know once said that there are two types of people: people who are amazed at one's collection of books and people who are delighted at one's assortment of bookshelves.)

At any rate, my old PC had been sitting sadly on my file cabinet, waiting to be stripped down and readied for sale. I finally managed to order the system restore CDs from HP and install Eraser on it. I'm a bit nervous about who might have access to my data, so I did a full erase of ALL my data files before reformatting each hard drive. The money and time were well worth it, however, as I now have over $100 in my wallet, and a much less cluttered living room.

It's going to pay off the remaining 0% purchase balance on the card I got last year, which was used to buy the new PC. So I will still be able to say that I've never paid a credit card finance charge in my life.

I think my year without a credit card taught me well. I'll follow up on that next week.


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