Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Clearly, I spoke too soon.
I went to check on my final balance today, and I still had $0.05 listed.

Yes, because they decided not to authorize my transaction the day that it was made, I still had some remaining interest. And this is after I already had to make two payments to cover my principal balance and the accrued interest balance.

When I got CSR Joe on the phone, he was actually trying not to laugh at my plight. To their credit, they agreed to advance me the final shiny nickel and close the account. (Credit. Heh.) So all's well that ends well.

On the bright side? When my credit union reviewed my file to authorize the transfer loan, they also decided that my score and history (balances paid in full every month) were good enough to raise my credit card limit to three times its old value. Say hello to my little utilization ratio!


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