Thursday, September 21, 2006
Does that make me crazy? Probably.
I have purchased a big-ticket...ticket. This Saturday, I, two friends, and tens of thousands of other people are going to check out The Virgin Festival. Hours and hours of aural delights.

When A. first suggested that we go, I had already convinced myself that I couldn't afford it. So at first I turned her down. But when I told my aunt how hard it had been to say no, she told me that since she hadn't bought me a birthday present, she'd subsidize the ticket. I told her that this would also need to be a Christmas present, to which she agreed.

It's still a fair few bucks out of pocket, but I have the funds to cover it. And I'm not planning on doing anything else this grandiose for the rest of the year.

So I may come back ears ringing and wallet flapping, but it will be with a grin that will last me into next week.



Blogger Flexo said...

If only that were a different "virgin" and a different "aural..."

Blogger HC said...


There will probably be some of that, too. It IS a rock-concert, after all.

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