Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Kiplinger's 50 Best Values in Public Colleges
New list has UNC, University of Florida, UVA, William and Mary, and SUNY-Bighamton in the Top 5

Every school in the top 10 shows an average four-year debt load of $16K or less. I'm always suspicious when I see a mean without a median, but this still looks pretty good to me.

This list focuses on academic quality first, and then the annual "sticker price", average "effective price", and the average debt load a student faces after four years.

I would like to read up a bit more on their methodology for determining quality. Average SAT scores tell you something about the class, but certainly not everything you'd want to know before attending.

At any rate, these are all well-regarded schools that give a student a head start in the race to graduate with less debt.



Anonymous S/100/30 said...

What's amusing is that this article just now turned up in Kiplinger's magazine. The February issue. I'm glad I only paid $3 for a three-year subscription!

Blogger HC said...


My blog-fu is so powerful, I predict the future!

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