Wednesday, October 04, 2006
States offer "one-stop" websites to help students apply to college and for financial aid.
Many of these sites allow students to apply to schools or for financial aid electronically from a single source--and their supporters credit them with helping to boost college enrollment.

Since in-state tuition is often a great value, this is especially helpful for students weighing several schools in their own state. However, each state's site generally lists both private and public schools.

Most of the sites referenced appear to be hosted on, with about 20 states hosting sites there. (California has three.) In addition, there are sites that aggregate historically black schools and Christian schools.

Each state's site differs somewhat, but all of them appear to have links to school selection, online applications, and financial aid forms and deadlines. A student can even allow his or her high school counselor to view personal "mentor" profiles.

This seems like a great way for students to become aware of application requirements and stay organized throughout a demanding process.



Blogger udandi said...

just curious about a post you made at freedumb's blog, why can't you monetize your blog?

Blogger HC said...

I agreed not to participate in any other professional or business venture during work hours when I was hired. If I had a revenue-driven blog, any posts made during business hours would be construed as work on a side business.

Technically, I suppose I could make all my posts after work. But that's not when most people are reading.

Anonymous Flexo said...

There are ways to write your posts after work and schedule them to post during higher traffic hours. At least, you can do this with WordPress, I don't know if Blogger has added this feature since I switched...

Blogger HC said...

It looks like there is a workaround involving posting by email, but I'm still not sure how I feel about that ethically.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it some thought.

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