Sunday, October 08, 2006
Well, that's why I keep an emergency fund.
I was in a fender bender yesterday. Of course this WOULD happen right before my renewal.

On the bright side:

The other driver was really calm and patient. I decided to call my insurance company to make sure that all the claim procedures were followed, and she sat and waited to give all her information even though she seemed ready to drive off and forget about it.

The police didn't have to get involved. I did call the police, explained the situation, and was told "if no one is injured and the damage isn't extensive, we'll just be there to help you exchange information." Since we'd already spent about 20 minutes on the phone with my company, that wasn't necessary.

I have the money to fully cover my deductible and more, in case it makes more sense to pay a few hundred more now rather than get it in premiums later. And it made me go back and realize that I'd been overwitholding, so I'll have a few extra dollars to start refilling the emergency fund.

Most importantly, we were both unhurt and both cars were driveable.

That's way more important than the shock to my net worth.



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