Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Belated November Net Worth

Despite the tremors in the market, I managed to be up overall for the month.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

I ended up running an apartment sale for my family (being the only Craigslister of the bunch) and was told to "keep the cash." So I ended up using cash for what would have been a moderately expensive dinner, and a couple of other odds and ends. That boosted my checking balance.

My savings are continuing to inch up. I have met one goal for 2007; my e-fund now equals a full two month's worth of expenses, and my overdraft fund is back up to $500.


I was quite relieved that my losses were so low. In the case of my retirement plan, that was largely due to contributions, but my mutual fund managed to keep itself more-or-less afloat.

Loan Balances

Continued steady payments do their steady work.

Other Debt

I managed to pay off the full statement balance on one card, and followed with the other at the beginning of December. So I'm out of cycling mode!

The Month Ahead

I've already applied my bonus towards additional tax payments and savings boosts. It didn't leave much, but I DID get to use some towards a nice brunch with mapgirl, Debt Hater, and BK. Single Ma could not make it, but she was sorely missed. Next time, surely.

And as for the holidays: I am staying in town, which will reduce expenses. I do have some work obligations that will involve spending money, but not to a ridiculous degree. And a large part of my gift-giving has been completed (I mostly give to family members and a couple of VERY close friends) and that was covered by survey rewards and my gift fund. I'll probably still make some additional charges on the credit card to be paid off in January, but nothing too exceptional.

I will, however, possibly have to buy a new suit, and that would add some wrinkles to my plan.

Here's hoping things stay calm in the New Year.

Oh, and lest I forget, DonorsChoose sent me (and some other people) an extra $100 to contribute as I pleased. Single Ma and I pooled our fortunes and paid off one "extra" project in our challenge! I am again so thrilled with how everything came together for this project.

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Blogger Ms. MiniDucky said...

Congratulations on your success with the donor challenge, and keeping your numbers up.

I'm certain that my investment portfolio's mainly up because of large contributions, too, unfortunately.

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