Thursday, November 02, 2006
Tearing my hair out.
I have five different projects going on right now at work. I have family in town. I'm trying to plan for the holidays.

The long and the short of it is that I won't be doing much blogging this week. I do need to update my net worth calculator, so I'll probably do that tonight.

So I'm not completely off the bandwagon, here's a quick tip from last night.

My family, as I mentioned, got tickets to [Famous Performing Troupe]. It was located downtown very near [Mezze Restaurant], so we went there. In the midst of ordering our various dishes (yay for small plates variety!), I quickly looked at the drink menu. They offered a pomegranate cocktail that looked pretty tasty.

To get a glass? $8. To get a carafe that poured a drink and a half for all five of us? $24.

If you do choose to drink while dining out, consider carafes, bottles, and pitchers.



Blogger Dimes said...

Well, was it a worthwhile cocktail? Nothing like paying $8 (or even $5) for a beverage that doesn't live up to expectations.

Blogger GolbGuru said...

$8 for the glass? or the cocktail? Since your are recommending carrying carafes and bottles..i am guessing you get charged for the glass !! which is amusing :)

Blogger HC said...

It was very worthwhile. I like pomegranate.

And no, we went with the carafe, which is how I figured out exactly how much it would serve.

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