Monday, October 30, 2006
Educational Finance Roundup
This is a little late, but I had a lot going on over the weekend with my father's visit.

As always, this is my subjective recounting of my favorite posts relating to educational finance over the past two weeks (as of Friday). Feel free to email me if you would like your posts considered for a future roundup.

We start off with a bang as Jason shares Savvy Ways to Invest for College as part of the Bogleheads October Project. This touches seven different options for investing in a child's future education, including a look at 529 plans. Highly recommended, if only as an introduction.

100 by 30 asks if she should move some of her private student loan debt to a credit card. The responses are pretty thoughtful.

Jeremie Beaudry and Flexo are working on repaying their student loans. Suggestions: Use auto-debit to your advantage, and don't use tuition reimbursement checks for other expenses.

Susan reminds us that there are TONS of perks for students if they want to take advantage of them.

One Lucky Girl doesn't directly speak to educational finance, but her idea to give younger relatives bonds instead of toys could certainly help a student pay for college. Just remember, assets in a child's name are weighted much more heavily in financial aid calculations.

Banking at tells us that the Department of Education has gotten into podcasting. Yes, podcasting. So if you've given your child an mp3 player, you should suggest that he or she listen up.

Wanda is looking into income-maintaining 529 plans for grad school in a few years. If you know of one, add a comment, because a lot of readers were interested too.

And finally, Blunt Money makes the post we all hope to make someday. The direct loan is paid off! Congratulations.



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