Thursday, January 11, 2007
Apparently now I even LOOK like a PF blogger.
I went over to CC for my weekly tutoring engagement last night. My student for the evening, Mrs. H., had been assigned a unit on understanding charts. So I found some pie chart worksheets in the drawer. Both worksheets used a family budget to illustrate the pie chart concept.

As Mrs. H. settled in, one of the other volunteers, R., asked me if we were looking at budgets, and almost immediately asked me if I could help her get her husband involved in managing their money. I was a bit flustered, but managed to ask a few questions about how they handled their money already. "He's the spender."

I suggested that she promise him a (frugal) date night if he agreed to track all his spending in a notebook for at least a week, just to give them a jumping off point for discussion. She seemed pleased with that idea, but also wanted a longer term plan for herself, her husband, and her daughter. She also wanted to know how I felt about savings vs. debt.

"Well, are you a numbers person or a mindset person?"


After we talked a bit more, I ended up suggesting that she go in a far more Ramseyan direction ($1K baby e-fund, debt repayment, etc., possibly even envelope budgeting) than I'd choose for myself. (Hey, I may not particularly like the guy, but I know he's helped a lot of people in her situation.) But since this was all pretty much off the cuff in the few minutes I had before tutoring started, I really hope that I can follow up with R. next week.

So, blog on, buckos. You never know when it will help someone out who really needs it.



Anonymous NCN said...

It's funny.. the more I blog about pf, the more the subject seems to come up in every day conversations. Sounds like you handled it pretty well...

(PS. I've moved my blog to . Could you update your link? I've added yours to my roll...)

Anonymous Golbguru said...

Good job ! You are really putting your knowledge to work. I am sure you will have more such opportunities in future. :)

Btw, this new layout is awesome !:) it.

Blogger HC said...

NCN--I've updated my link. Thanks for adding me! You also might want to use my Feedburner feed.

Golbguru--Thanks for the thumbs up! I've been playing with it for awhile. And I do hope I can share what little knowledge I have with people.

Anonymous Debt Hater said...

I know it! I have a few friends asking me what I'm doing and how... it makes me a little nervous because I don't want to give bad advice, but it does motivate to learn more and live by example!h

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