Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Gang Aft Agley.
I've been more or less okay with my holiday spending thus far, and the last gift I'm going to purchase will be relatively small. So I was feeling fine with splurging and buying the pre-packaged fruit tray for our office holiday party.

Shortly after I got home from the store, my brother called. "I've been having trouble finding things for Dad. And I wanted a good birthday gift. [Dad was born on Christmas, so we make an extra effort to find him something special every year. ] So before I knew it I bought him two Billy Joel tickets. "

And so I told him to forget about giving me the $20 for another shared gift I'd ordered, and will be writing him a check to cover some more of the ticket expense. He recently had to buy a new car, so I don't want him to shoulder all of that himself.

It's a good thing I didn't have to travel this year, that's all I have to say.



Anonymous Debt Hater said...

Ooo, how these things sneak up on us. Well, as long as you had the cash to cover it, it's cool. Better than doing what I would have done before I became enlightend -- I would have charged it! Heck, I'm STILL paying for Christmas gifts I bought in 2004! Thank God I'm smarter now.

Blogger English Major said...

I also overspent on a shared gift for my dad. One of the toughest things about holiday budgeting is predicting those sorts of things.

The best laid plans...

Blogger HC said...

DH--Ouch. I guess my defense against charging too much is my extra January paycheck. And I still get lumped in with "the kids," so my family doesn't expect me to show up with Waterford or somesuch most of the time.

English Major--Thanks for getting the reference; I hoped someone would. But I'm sure your dad appreciated it.

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