Monday, January 08, 2007
My iPod is a gateway drug.
Now that the holidays are over, the wrapping paper has been tossed (or, if you're me, the gift bags have been folded up and put away), and the thank you notes have been written started, I'm able to consider the pleasures of my family's generosity.

One of the highlights is my new iPod Nano. For obvious reasons (well, obvious to some people), I have named it Hermia. It has made my commute much more pleasant, and I'm both rediscovering older songs and spending a lot of time with new favorites. Because it's the 2GB version, I have to do a bit more space management than if I'd saved up for the 4GB, but I don't look a gift iPod in the mouth. I foresee a lot of aural goodness in my future.

That said? That little gizmo could suck me dry if I let it.

I've already had to purchase a case and supra-aural earphones (I LOATHE earbuds). Both of these were pretty obvious add-ons if I planned to spend any time listening to it at all. (I could have purchased cheaper earphones, but the PX100s were well rated and foldable. I'm very happy with them.)

But what about a dock and A/V charger? What about car audio adapters? What about an alarm clock?

Thus far, I'm just taking slow breaths and not rushing into any other accessory purchases.

But the iPod Nation is vast and full of attractions to empty my wallet.

If you have one, which accessories (if any) do you consider critical? Which could you have done without?



Blogger udandi said...

I have a A/V adapter and dock (both came with the older iPods) but I don't use the dock.

I bought a different headphones, soft grip case, car charger and iTrip, which I use heavily in the car and on my friend's boat.

I wouldn't get too many big ticket items in case you upgrade and not all the accessories are universal.

Blogger English Major said...

I also have an A/V adapter & dock from the purchase (well, receipt of gift) of my iPod, lo these many years ago. I already had my circumaural headphones, which are indispensable to me. I bought a case, which I only use sometimes. If you're going to be driving a lot, I highly recommend the car charger/cassette cable duo (my boyfriend has 'em, and they're essential for road trips).

P.S. Your comment verification hates me and is making me type "isuxxs" to comment.

Blogger HC said...

Udandi--Despite the fact that it makes the packaging so much more compact (and the unit cheaper), it would have been nice to have an actual dock. I'll probably suck it up and at least get an A/V adapter at some point. (I'm hoping that Jobs really meant it when he called the Universal Dock by its name.)

EM--Clearly, you should have typed in "fubscv" and showed it up. [grin]

As my car is ancient, I do have a cassette deck, so that's an option to consider before shelling out for the iTrip or something similar.

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