Tuesday, March 25, 2008
I stayed home sick today.
Since I went back to bed and slept until nearly noon, I think that was the right call.

On the brighter side, here are some good financial things that have happened to me lately.

1) I convinced my leasing office to give me a ten-month lease at the same monthly rate as the year-long one (still a bump from my current rate, but not out of line). This will give me more flexibility next year if I decide I'm ready to condo-shop.

2) I had some gift cards and gifts from Christmas that I STILL hadn't used or returned, so I went out the other weekend, merrily spending OPM, and came home with a cute aqua twinset and a desperately needed filing cabinet.

3) I found out that I AM actually eligible for USAA, and switched my car insurance. I'll be saving about $120 over six months! I also switched my renter's insurance (even though the rates were pretty much a wash) because I like bundling bills as much as possible. I'm not sure if I'll use their banking, as I am very fond of my credit union, but it's nice to have the option.

There are a few minor annoyances I'm facing, but these things helped take away much of the sting.

And staying home and getting some rest (and baking some TJ's banana bread) make things seem better for tomorrow.

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Blogger BK said...

feel better HC.

on another note.. you may be happy with your CU BUT *as much as I hate to say it* USAA is one of the best! so you may want to look into it *JIC*

Anonymous budgets are sexy said...

USAA is seriously the best company E-V-E-R! I think you'll really be impressed w/ their customer service, and all their other things they offer as well.

I have like 11 accounts with them (not exaggerating) from checking, to our HELOC, to insurance. They ROCK.

Blogger Jerry said...

We loved USAA for our insurance, as well. We are selling our cars and are leaving the country for a few years, but we will definitely consider them again when we return to the States. Good company.

Blogger Jerry said...

Add on to my last post about USAA Insurance - I mentioned that we are moving overseas? Well, banking was going to turn out to be a complete nightmare, possibly as much as $5 per debit card or ATM transaction (and we do need to keep a US bank account open). Feeling desperate, we contacted USAA Banking and found that they charge no fees for international debit/ATM usage at all! That was a huge selling point for us. Good to know if you are going to be traveling (or moving) overseas...

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